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 The Body  PosCast 

...with your hosts,


Liza is a singer, actress, panda admirer, and occasional YouTuber whose love for the musical Hamilton knows no bounds. She graduated from Penn State University (We Are!) with a BA in Theatre, longer ago than she would care to admit. After a brief stint in Los Angeles, she moved back east and has been in the NYC area ever since. When she's not performing, you'll find her spending time with her hilarious husband, chasing her nut-ball daughter around, and reading any book about teens killing each other in post-apocalyptic America.




Lillian is an outspoken fat girl and body love advocate. She holds B.A.s in Psychology and Theatre, and is shocked and thrilled to be using both of them at the same time! Before burlesque, Lillian scampered across the tri-state area acting and singing in live theatrical productions that included improv comedy, theater for young audiences, gender-swapped Gilbert & Sullivan, and experimental puppetry. She also sings with the Jersey City-based a Cappella ensemble Cabaret Sauvignon. 


Her 2014 TEDx speech, Stripping Away Negative Body Image,  has been viewed over 100,000 times! You can find it  on YouTube here, but as always, She urges you not to read the comments. 

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