Jersey City Burlesquegate

I’m Lillian Bustle. I’m a Burlesque performer, and I’ve been producing shows in Jersey City for almost three years. Last week my show was shut down by Jersey City officials for obscenity, and suddenly I find myself in a battle for the right to perform and produce my art.

Media coverage 

NYC and NJ TV coverage

WPIX 11 NYC: Jersey City burlesque show shut down over ‘obscenity law’ 

Eyewitness News ABC 7 NY: Obscene? Questions after Jersey City burlesque show shut down

FIOS 501 News NJ: Jersey City burlesque show shut down by officials, citing obscenity laws

Officials strip Jersey City bar of longtime burlesque show

Pictured: Lillian Bustle and Falana Fox of JC Burlesque, photo credit

Justin Woo

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