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Burlesque Crash Course

Ever wanted to try Burlesque? Wonder what it's like to perform? Itching to tap into your inner diva or explore a performance art where you have creative control? Or maybe you just like glitter! Even if you don't consider yourself a dancer, Lillian Bustle's Burlesque Crash Course is for you.

In this two-hour workshop, we will touch on the history of Burlesque, explore character-driven movement and acting exercises, try out some bumps and grinds, discuss what it takes to get gigs, and more! Find out if Burlesque is something you'd like to get into. We'll reserve time at the end of class for Q & A.

All races, gender identities, orientations, body types, ages 18+, and levels of performance background are encouraged to attend. Please note: this studio has 2 flights of stairs and no elevator. Accessible classes will be available soon!

What to wear:
Students are encouraged to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and confident to move in and sit in. Bring heels if they make you feel sexy! But movement can be done barefoot or in flats. 

What to bring: 
Pad & pen if you'd like to take notes (please no note-taking on phones for this class), heels to change into if you wish, bottled water ok but otherwise please no food or drink.

Questions? Email

​Sunday August 27

Jersey City Ballroom
at the Brunswick Center
189 Brunswick St, 3rd Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Guests are welcome to park in the Brunswick School parking lot. Please wait in the hallway until 4pm unless otherwise noted as other classes are held in the studio beforehand.

Please note: The fee for this class is a sliding scale. Please choose the price that works for you. 

Photo Credit: Striker Posie

Sunday, August 27 * 4-6pm * Jersey City Ballroom

at the Brunswick Center

189 Brunswick St, 3rd Floor

Jersey City, NJ 07302

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