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A Burlesque celebration of 
body abundance!
May 12 at house of Yes Brooklyn

Bounce tee shirt  TRANSPARENT(8.5 × 11 in) (8.5 × 11 in).png

Virtual Playbill

Raffle Details and Sponsors

Here's our prizes for tonight! Tickets are three for $5, 10 for $10 or a body wrap for $20. Please check out all of these incredible small businesses, most of which are either woman-owned, Black-owned, or queer-owned. They helped make tonight happen and we love them. 

 $100 Gift card from Tamara Malas, sz 6-32, ethically sourced fashion


$25 Gift card from Smart Glamour, all sizes, made to order in NYC - you can send in your measurements!


 $200 Gift card from Plus Bklyn New York City's only plus size boutique selling new, vintage & resale fashions


Super Pleasure packages from She vibe, an arty and educational sex and gender store

Hyphy by Lovense


LeWand Grand Bullet


Mary Frances heart-shaped beaded collectible evening handbag $125 value


Luxurious personal hygiene routine for your intimate parts from Honest Pleasure LLC


Ritual oil and body product from Mina Minou’s Holy Matter/s


 Body Scrub, bar soap, body oil from Rising Phoenixx - paraben free products, lotions and potions


Thigh high stockings from Kix’ies - Thigh highs that actually stay up!


Nails from Bearclaws by AMP - Wearable art nails! 



Abby Fantastic

Lillian Bustle

Nyx Nocturne

Fancy Feast

Regal Mortis

Broody Valentino

Zima Sparkles

Celia Foxglove

Maria Milagros


If you'd like to show your appreciation to our performers, you're welcome to tip in cash when the hat is passed, or you may tip via venmo @lillianbustle or cashapp $lillianbustle, last 4 digits 0388. All tips are evenly split among the whole cast this evening! Our raffle babe has bundles of singles in amounts of 20 if you need dollars. 

Our Vendors

Please visit House of Correia and RCA Public Label in the lobby and check out all they have to offer! Women-owned, ethically sourced, incredible style. 

mailing list

Sign up here to be notified about upcoming Bounce House Merch, future shows, classes, and more! 

A note from the producers

Abby and Lillian are thrilled to have you here tonight. We're definitely not the first people to put together a show exclusively featuring bigger-bodied performers, but it's significant nonetheless. Tokenization and anti-fat bias makes the world of performance more difficult for the body wealthy. Performers who don't fit the thin (and let's face it, white, femme, hourglass) ideal simply don't get as many opportunities on stages as thin folks. On ANY stages. And many producers will only hire one fat performer at a time, so we don't often get to work together. Being on a stage with other performers of size is a rarity, and it doesn't need to be.

We intend to make this a quarterly show, and bring in performers from other states and countries, because we want New York to have regular opportunities to see hot body-wealthy dancers, and revel in the joy that we bring! If you know any corporate sponsors who would like to help fund future productions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. And thank you so much for coming out tonight. We hope you have a big fat fabulous time :) 

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